Under den här rubriken samlar vi en del av Norrbo sockens gårdar, platser och händelser.

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  1. My 4th great grand Jonas Perrson Soderlund was born 1814 in Fonebo, Norrbo, Hudiskvall. I think his family came from Fiskbro…..would love to see pictures of that place…old farms, etc… His dad Anders persson born 17 Sept 1740 Fiskbro, Orebro….I think they were mine workers….My Per Erik Soderlund changed his name to Glans, lived in Forsa, emigrated in NYC then CT…he is on your list which is wonderful! Glans became Glantz in America. Took me awhile to figure that out…..I even found Olfo Strid on your website…..He was foster parents to my Peter’s children , after he left Sweden. Olof worked at the Forsa Saw mill…he too moved to Meriden, CT. along with the kids when they grew up….
    I love finding their names here…THank you

    1. Hello. Glad you have found my page Dellenportalen. Such a shame that I don’t have more to add in either text or pictures. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Best regards Åke and Viveca

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